Our Mission:
Through a holistic development approach rooted in partnership, dZi works with rural communities in Nepal to achieve prosperity by eliminating barriers to basic needs, fostering opportunities for sustainable livelihoods, and building their capacity to catalyze transformational change.


Ending poverty can seem impossible.

dZi’s innovative model empowers rural communities in Eastern Nepal to address poverty on their own terms.


Our community partners have proven that it's not.

Together with over 44,000 community members, we have created practical and lasting solutions to the most pressing challenges in rural Nepal.

Every single day, dZi helps over 44,000 people in Nepal’s remote villages break the cycle of poverty for good.

Deuki Maya Rai

Meet Deuki Maya Rai

A mother and a farmer, Deuki Maya leads the local farmers’ group that dZi helped establish. “dZi has been extremely helpful,” she says, providing “seeds, technical knowledge, and training.” Deuki Maya grows carrots, garlic, and cauliflower to feed her family, and her sales of excess food have increased their income tenfold.

This is the strength of dZi’s unique approach, and your generous support: empowering women like Deuki Maya to create their own vibrant futures.

Our Accomplishments

a school


Number of students currently studying in new earthquake safe classrooms



Total amount of new income earned by our farmers to date



Total number of days of local contribution to date (147,953 days)

The dZi Foundation logo reflects the color and complexity of a marigold wreath.

Marigold wreaths are often given to visitors, marking their arrival as an auspicious occasion to be celebrated with vibrant beauty and energy.