In the first week of August, 8 of our 30 and under youth team members in Nepal team embarked on an adventure travel. It is an unconventional way to keep our staff motivated and improve the efficiency but again, that is what we do – working in an unconventional way. Because of personal reasons, two of the team members could not attend it and hence eight of the teams members made the first ever youth trek of the organization during the month of August.

After the trek, each of them have created something based on their experience. Here we have collected all of those outputs in one place – click in the directed links to see each of them in detail

Rupak, our Program Officer, made a video based on the first leg of the journey. Check out in the link below

Mansu, our Social Mobilizer for Sotang (and now headed to our newest working area in Bhojpur) has written about her experience of visiting the Women’s Center in Nangi. She has become inspired and motivated by the achievements accomplished by the women of Nangi.

Read more about her learning experience at this post, Inspired by Women Entrepreneurs!

 Prashant, our social mobilizer for Chheskam, wrote a beautiful poem of the whole journey.

Enjoy the whole poem here,

Saroj Bhujel, our agriculture technician for Sungdel and Sitaram Thapa, our newest team member and driver together created an awe-inspiring photo story of their journey. Click through the link or preview to see the entire photo story.

साहसिक युवा भ्रमण by dZi Foundation on Exposure

Nirmala, our Kathmandu Office Assistant and Chef Extra Ordinaire recounted her adventure in her popular food blog. Click on the link to see her full blog post.

Saroj Kulung, our Field Supervisor for Gudel (and now off to our newest working area in Bhojpur along with Mansu), wrote a travelogue about Nangi which was published by a regional Nepali news portal.

To read the full article, follow the link

Meanwhile, Jhanak, our Logistics Officer, compiled the best fun photos and breathtaking landscape shots from everybody in the entire team to upload in our official facebook page. Check out our facebook page for the virtual tour. Meanwhile here is just a glimpse of Jhanak during the trek looking impeccable even while he was managing all the logistics required for the trek. We wouldn’t have expected any less from him, who also happens to be a part time Nepali film actor and music video model.

Besides these creative outputs, all the members of this trip also made a commitment to improve oneself as following in order to transform oneself into butterfly.