Learning games in a participatory environment is one of the key methods that we focus on during any of our training.

Here, community members in Khotang are participating in a fun learning exercise during a training for post-construction management of Drinking Water Projects. This was a 3 day residential training that the dZi Foundation organized in the district headquarters of Diktel.


Participants of Group Management Training learning the importance of working in groups through a fun participatory game. Our Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant Bhalakaji in the center facilitates the process.


Ben Ayers, our Nepal Country Director, is facilitating a learning game exercise during a Prosperity Mapping session in Cheskam of Solukhumbu. Supporting him is Bhalakaji.

Prosperity mapping is a tool to measure the impact of our “deep development” approach. We are excited to be evaluating our work through this tool-which is a combination of our learning in rural development and the community’s perception of what “prosperity” means to them.