Our Impact



The number of farmers earning an average of $141 USD per year in new income through the sale of cash crops

In the isolated villages of eastern Nepal, there are limited opportunities to earn income locally. dZi has introduced cash crops, led agriculture trainings, and organized local savings groups to help farmers increase their crop yields and sell their crops to earn income. This program has improved nutrition, reduced food insecurity, and helped farmers earn more income from cash crops. To support these efforts, dZi has built 22 bridges and 15 trails to help people access opportunity more efficiently and safely.



The number of students studying in earthquake-safe schools

Public schools often lack proper facilities, adequately trained teachers, and modern teaching materials. dZi’s Education Program has built or reconstructed 77 classrooms across 54 schools, and installed toilets and safe drinking water stations to support the attendance and education of 8,469 students. By organizing Parent Teacher Associations, providing teacher trainings, and introducing innovative educational materials, dZi has improved the quality of education in 41 schools for over 3,500 students. And, when schools were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, staff developed remote learning tools that kept over 7,000 students engaged in their studies.



The number of people who now have access to safe drinking water

dZi helps communities cultivate public health through health and sanitation projects. The construction of 45 drinking water systems has brought safe water within steps of the front door of 11,815 people. Building over 3,000 toilets has reduced diarrheal disease by an average of 65%, where data is available. During multiple waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, dZi was the first organization in the region to mobilize testing, PPE, and other medical supplies to support rural health posts.

Progress That Endures

dZi’s health, education, and livelihoods programs offer a holistic solution to complex challenges. As farmers have more lucrative harvests, students experience greater investment in their education, and women no longer need to walk long distances to collect water, community members are able to focus less on meeting their own basic needs and more on investing in their collective wellbeing. Together, dZi and our community partners are building prosperity that will last for generations.

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Meet Samikshya Limbu
Samikshya’s own unfulfilled dreams drew her to a life of community involvement: leading an initiative to bolster maternal wellbeing, supporting agricultural prosperity, and ultimately, finding her own confidence. Through her local activism, Samikshya is committed to helping women and girls find new avenues for economic independence and personal fulfillment.
An Advocate For Opportunity

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