Our Mission & Vision

Through a holistic development approach rooted in partnership, dZi works with rural communities in Nepal to achieve prosperity by eliminating barriers to basic needs, fostering opportunities for sustainable livelihoods, and building their capacity to catalyze transformational change.

We envision equity, empowerment, and opportunity for all.

Our Values

a Nepalese pagoda with prayer flags


We feel a deep environmental and social
responsibility to foster positive and proactive change in all that we do.

gold pilars with raised text


We foster connection and collaboration
to make a real difference in the places where
we work and with the people we care about.



We are inspired by and inspiring,
we show up completely, appreciate what is,
and celebrate from the heart.

flag in the wind with mountains in the background


We cultivate openness and accountability, we are true to ourselves, to our partners, to our mission, and to our process.

Marigold flowers blooming on marigold plant against a soft defoc

Growth Culture

We create a safe environment grounding
everyone in a desire to grow.

hands clasped in prayer


We strive to amplify everyone's voice,
to make each other feel heard, and to feel honored in our cultures in everything we do.

dZi’s partnership with communities in Nepal builds long-term prosperity. Your donation makes it a reality.