For 21 years, we’ve been experts at inspiring change. dZi has improved education for tens of thousands of children, and sanitation for entire villages. We’ve helped farmers earn more money and eat new nutritious crops. Altogether, we’ve inspired 40,000 people in some of Nepal’s most isolated villages to take an active role in improving their own lives.

Real change can set a process in motion that inspires even greater transformation. Our work has been so popular that, in order to meet community demand, we have committed to serving an additional 30,000 people over the next five years. To do this, we need to first evolve and grow as an organization.

One step in this journey has been to create a new brand look for dZi. We designed a look that remains grounded in the culture and beauty of the remote Nepali communities that inspire us every day, while projecting the energy of our new commitment to positively impact even more lives.

Our new logo is inspired by marigolds – a flower that is found across rural Nepal. Marigolds are a sign of welcome and celebration, often given between family members. The interlocking circles represent cultures from around the world coming together to create a sum that is greater than our individual elements.

The new dZi is about increasing togetherness and community, and about continuing to inspire deep changes – both inward and outward – while preserving our heritage and all that makes us effective and unique.

It’s an exciting time, and we are honored to be sharing this journey with you.


Ben Ayers

Executive Director