Progress That Endures

Each of our 13 partner communities faces complex challenges that require long-term holistic solutions. Our projects profoundly improve the quality of life for over 44,000 people in these communities, bringing prosperity that will last for generations.

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dZi works in an area of Eastern Nepal that is one of the most isolated in the country.

We Listen. We Learn. We Grow.

We begin by seeking out what makes our remote partner communities special, and what elements of their lives they seek to preserve. We learn about our mutual dreams for the future and create tangible, measurable goals. Projects are designed, implemented, and maintained together.

Because of our strong partnerships, our projects are more efficient, have greater impacts, and reach communities that few other organizations can.

Meet Ngim Lhamo

When Ngim Lhamo was 4, dZi helped her family construct a sanitary toilet. In the following years, we worked together to build a clean drinking water system, a safe school, and to support her family in growing new crops for sale and to eat at home

Now Ngim Lhamo has more time to study, is healthier , and safer at school. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher.


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ngim lhamo amid flowers