dZi + Revel Bikes + Skida have partnered together for a mountain bike giveaway.

Campaign now closed - thanks to Revel, Skida, and everyone who supported! Even though this year's campaign has ended, the impact of your donation will last for years to come...

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The Original

Revel Ranger Mountain Bike

The Ranger provides an elite, down-country ride that offers a perfect balance of speed, agility, and durability ready to enjoy the ups as much as the downs. This is a one-of-a-kind bike that is already painted, so the winner will receive this Size Large Ranger with a full GX build.

Revel took the legendary CBF™ suspension platform somewhere it’s never been before; think XC light, XC efficiency, with the extra dose of that bottomless CBF™ feel. It is over a pound lighter than the Revel Rascal frame and tough enough to inspire confidence on the descents. It's right at home at the start line of a marathon race, all day in the mountains, or just rallying the local trails after work. You will love the Ranger - a bike that takes modern XC suspension to a whole new level.

Copy of This is a totally custom, one-of-a-kind bike inspired by

What You'll Win From Skida

This giveaway also includes the entire Fulbaari collection from Skida, which matches the print on the bike! And a fun fact: fulbaari means 'flower garden' in Nepali. The collection includes Skida's brim hat, a sun tour, bike fender, headband, and a beautiful cashmere shawl made in Nepal. The Fulbaari print was inspired by Ubahang Nembang's print of Eastern Nepal, which includes marigolds, rhododendron flowers, and Himalayan clouds.

Skida's whimsical line of headwear and accessories is designed in Vermont, with their core product line also made in Vermont and their cashmere collection is made thoughtfully in Nepal. Their designs bring color into the outdoors with bold hues and whimsical patterns.

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All of the funds you donate will support:


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The number of farmers currently earning an average of $141 USD per year in new income through the sale of cash crops.


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The number of students now studying in 54 new earthquake-safe schools.


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The number of people who now have access to safe drinking water through the construction of 45 new water systems.

Get to know dZi

Why our partnership?

Revel is excited to use their platform, reach, and loyal base of supporters to come together around this important cause. Revel hopes to leverage their shared love for the mountains and mountain cultures to support some of the most vulnerable mountain communities in Nepal, and possibly the world.

“This is a wonderful example of friendships and passions coming together for a great cause. I couldn’t be happier to have Revel join forces with dZi to help move their mission forward in Nepal.”

– Adam Miller Founder & CEO of Revel Bikes

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Skida’s long history with Nepal dates back to when founder Corinne Prevot, studied abroad in Nepal during college and fell in love with the strength of its mountain communities and local craftsmanship. While Skida is a made-in-USA brand, they make an exception for small-batch cashmere that is produced in Nepal. During Prevot’s first sourcing trip to Nepal, she brought her mountain bike to explore some of the mountains and as a way to participate in a popular local pastime. During that trip, biking became her shared language and as a result, she was invited on many group rides and found herself further immersed in the community.

“During my time in Nepal over the years, I learned about the dZi Foundation and their approach to economic development through long-lasting relationships with communities. Their team in Nepal felt like a family, exuding enthusiasm in their work and passion for positive change.”

– Corinne Prevot, Founder of Skida


Photo Left: Adam Miller, Revel's Founder & CEO, Julia Van Raalte, dZi's Development Director, and Corinne Prevot, Skida's Founder enjoying a ride on their Revel bikes together.

Ubahang's artwork (right) featuring Eastern Nepal that inspired this campaign

The beautiful Fulbaari print on the Revel bike and the Skida pieces drew inspiration from a custom piece of art made by Ubahang. These include marigolds, rhododendron flowers, and clouds.

dZi's logo reflects the color and complexity of a marigold wreath. Marigold wreaths are often given to visitors to mark their arrival in a community. Rhododendrons, 'Lali Gurans' in Nepali, mark the arrival of spring and are the national flower. Finally, clouds are often depicted in artwork across Nepal. They adorn the edges of the gigantic Himalaya, often decorating their bases like a cloudy sea. 

"Ubahang's intricate details and vibrant colors stir up nostalgia: reminding me of Nepal's diverse landscapes, mythical creatures, and cultural symbols. Moreover, his exploration of identity, spirituality, and social issues in his artwork strike a chord with my own experiences at multiple phases in my life."

- Kripa Dongol, dZi's Director of Impact & Innovation

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The fundraiser ranuntil June 27, 2023 at 11:59pm (MT) and the winner will be announced on June 29. Every dollar raised is going directly to dZi!

Thank you so much Revel and Skida!