The dZi Foundation is proud to announce a new partnership with Revel Bikes, one of the world’s most innovative mountain bike brands! Together, we’re excited to highlight dZi’s remarkable partner communities and inspire more people to support a prosperous future for mountain cultures in Eastern Nepal. 

Revel and dZi bonded over a mutual love of the Himalaya and a shared belief that community-led development can build pathways to possibility. “This is a wonderful example of friendships and passions coming together for a great cause,” says Revel’s Founder and CEO, Adam Miller. “I couldn’t be happier to have Revel join forces with dZi to help move their mission forward in Nepal.”

Revel’s commitment to making incredibly fun bikes, top-notch customer service, and dedicated social responsibility have quickly propelled them to become a leading bike company in just a few years since their founding. Using an innovative suspension design, Revel’s line of mountain bikes have received international acclaim, winning Outside Magazine’s award for “Best Overall Mountain Bike of 2020.” They also recently launched their first gravel bike. Founded in Colorado, Revel’s focus on community and service is what led to this partnership with dZi that supports mountain communities in Eastern Nepal.

Operating in remote regions of Eastern Nepal, dZi’s work is owned and led by local community members every step of the way. dZi partners with each community to build successful health, education, and livelihood programs that create opportunities for people to thrive and foster sustainable growth. Serving over 45,000 people, dZi’s supporters help some of the last subsistence farming communities on the planet build resilient systems to prosper in a rapidly-changing world.

But with Revel’s generosity, we can do even more.

Starting today, Revel will give supporters 20% off one of their award-winning mountain bikes with a donation of $1,000 or more to the dZi Foundation. So, whether you’re winding your way through alpine singletrack or exploring local gravel roads, you’ll know that every pedal stroke is helping communities chart a path for a more prosperous future.


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Ready to Order Your Revel?


To unlock your 20% discount on a new Revel, follow these three steps:

1. Visit dzi.org/donate to make your gift of $1,000 or more to dZi. Once your donation has been processed, you will receive a donation receipt. 

2. Send an email with your donation receipt to info@dzi.org, with “Revel Bikes Partnership Discount” in the subject line.

3. You will receive a 20% off promo code within two business days that can be used on Revel Bikes’ website.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to info@dzi.org.