What can you do for only $500? The community group in our new partner community of Maheswori built a new health post building with a $500 grant from the dZi Foundation. The community contributed the equivalent of over $1,000 in local labor and materials!

Posted on Sept 20, 2013


Posted on February 16, 2014

The community of Cheskam built this trail seen in the next photo. People from ward no. 2 of Cheskam chose to improve their walking trails which makes a tremendous difference in their daily life.


When we first work in a community, we cap our grants at $500 (USD), which the community matches and invests in any public project that they see fit.

IRIN’s Kyle Knight writes about our working approach, and also mentions this particular local volunteer approach that we have been employing. Follow the link for his article in the IRIN website. http://goo.gl/lkszO6